Saturday, March 28, 2015

Political Party Animals Campaigning in Washington DC!

As the title suggests I am in DC right now joining my wife on a work trip.  I figured I would take advantage of the proximity of DC to some pretty awesome indie developers to chat with them, show off Political Party Animals and get some feedback.

March Update

First off, we should talk about the stuff we've been working on since last month.  We were trying to prepare a build of the game that could show off as much as we could when meeting up with fellow devs.  Here's a short list of the things we were able to complete:
  1. Sortie : The candidates can now sortie, which is your main means of increasing your reputation 
  2. Bribe : Normally your sortie actions depend on the multiplier effect (which can be improved by doing the campaign action). Bribe overrides this by throwing money directly at citizens, but it is affected by your relationship with the Kapitans.
  3. Election Day : This is our end game, candidates can choose to either support or suppress voters in the districts, and we tally the votes to find out who won the elections.  This is an important step in making a playable prototype that we can get people to test out.
  4. District and Candidate info UI : You can now click on each district and on your candidate avatar in order to view district concerns and candidate platform strength.
  5. Finished animations for 2 candidates and one staff, the Police.
Considering we're all working on this on the side, we're quite happy about how far we've come, but there is so much more to do!

Campaigning in DC and Baltimore

My wife had a work trip to DC that provided free accommodations, and I've never been, so I figured I would spend some money and join her!  This trip isn't all fun and games though, since DC and Baltimore are a hotbed of of both indie and triple A game studios.  Miraculously, I managed to snag a meeting with folks as divers as Adam McClard of Origo Games, Soren Johnson of Mohawk Games, and Sam Bernstein of Bethesda Game Studios.  Highlights so far are Adam taking me to have some barbecue in Baltimore and Soren teaching me how to play Offworld Trading Company live on Twitch (I can only imagine how many players were groaning at how bad I was).  I learned a lot from Soren and Adam and I look forward to meeting the guys from Bethesda tonight.  More updates in a couple of weeks!

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