Friday, January 30, 2015

January Update : Long Christmas Break And A New Team Member Joins Us!

Christmas celebrations have a tendency to spread into the New Year in the Philippines, and this year has been no exception.  It took us a while to get back into the swing of things, especially since I'm back to work on Prison Architect this month, and Julius has been battling with government bureaucracy so that he can finally leave and work in New Zealand.  It'll take him a while to get settled in so progress on the Unity build has been  slow, although we have managed to get a few paper prototype tests in.  Luckily, we've added a new member to our team who will definitely pick up the slack on Unity Development.

Marnel Estrada is another veteran Filipino game developer who has plenty of Unity experience under his belt.  Last year, he released a Tower Defense game called Warrior Defense after having worked on it for about a year.  Aside from being an excellent game, Warrior Defense has given Marnielle a wealth of hard earned experience about developing a game from start to finish on Unity, something that we will definitely benefit from.  If you're interested in trying Warrior Defense out there is a version on gamejolt and Android for you to check out.  Marnel aso blogs at Coffee Brain Games.

We also got a bit of a surprise at the start of the year when we found out that we were on RockPaperShotgun's Best PC games of 2015 list.  We're definitely quite honored, and while I suspect that this list came out more by virtue of a slow news cycle at the start of the year, we are feeling an immense amount of pressure to deliver the goods (Thanks to everyone who joined our mailing list after checking out our blog!)

So that's it for January!  Sorry there's not much to report, but aside from some tweaking of design mechanics nothing of real interest happened this month.  We'll have much more to report in February!


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